New Oil Boiler

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Most homes in the UK utilise mainline gas and combi boilers, but this is not the only viable option when heating your property. What you may find surprising, is that there are around four million UK houses that run oil-fired central heating systems, with this number having remained steady for a number of years now.

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There are several reasons why a house may run an oil-fired heating system, but the most common is that the nearest mains gas network is not close enough to connect to. Whilst most households may have little choice when installing an oil boiler, however, this can unlock a number of interesting and often overlooked benefits.


What are the benefits of an oil boiler?

Free up space:

When your oil boiler is located external to your property, this in turn will provide more space within your home.

Alternative supply:

In the event that your property is located off-grid, then oil can be an excellent heating solution as it’s affordable and accessible.

Minimal disruption:

As a result of your oil boiler being located outside, in the event that servicing and repairs needs to happen, this is less disruptive. The boiler can be fixed, replaced and refuelled without your home being turned into a workplace.

Less noise:

Even modern A-rated condensing boilers create a certain level of background noise, you may not even be aware of it unless you turn the boiler off. If you have an older boiler the noise will be much more noticeable. An external oil boiler won’t be a source of noise pollution.

Carbon monoxide:

Although carbon monoxide poisoning has become much rarer due to improved safety measures, there is still a chance of a leak causing symptoms. Having your boiler located outside negates the risk.


Having an oil boiler located outside means that should the boiler leak or malfunction, there is less chance of it causing damage to your property, compared to a gas combi boiler located in your airing cupboard leaking.

External heating

If your oil boiler is located in an outbuilding, garage or shed it will serve to partially heat the building from heat loss.