Power Flushing

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How a Power Flush Works

A power flushing unit sends water through your central-heating system at high velocity to dislodge any build-up of sludge, rust and other debris. This helps to improve the efficiency and lifespan of the boiler and central heating system and prevent breakdowns.
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When Having a New Boiler Installed

If you’re having a new boiler installed, the building regulations recommend that a suitable cleanse is carried out prior to the installation. This can vary from a simple system flush with clean water to a powerful Powerflush on more contaminated systems.
Your boiler and central heating system can benefit from an increased lifespan and performance with power flushing. For a free quote contact Lincoln Plumbing and Heating operating across Lincolnshire and the Surrounding Counties, call 01522 704704

Power Flush v.s Chemical Flush

A power flush uses a pump to create turbulence and scours each component of the system. Chemicals are flushed through the pipes and radiators to break down rust and grime. However, you can flush the chemicals through the system without the use of the pump.